Vassen Alice Dreamy Natural Green Contact Lenses review – from

Firstly, there is a lens giveaway, in, that if you share this link, you can get a free pair of lens! So don’t let the chance get away!

A new post, about one of my contact lenses. This was my 4th contact lens, my eyes are perfect, so I don’t need to use any lenses or glasses. I used these circle lenses just for making my eyes look bigger, and have different colors for my cosplays. Fortunatly, since my first lens I only have good opinion about circle lenses. My first lens was a crazy yellow color, and it always slipped in my eyes, and I felt like  a cameleon O.o

I try to illustrate as best as I can how this lense look with my photos. We took all the photos with flash. I wore my Fluttershy cosplay for these test photos, because this lens suits her very well I think : )

Unfortunatly I don’t have photos of the received lenses in the glass, but I can only praise, they shipped it very fast and well packaged. I think I’ve got it in a week or 1 and half week? I don’t know, but it was rarely fast I think. (nowadays if I order a wig from ebay, mostly I got it in 1 and half month!)

This lens has a big diameter, and my biggest lens right now : ) I really like the size, it has a diameter of 15,0 mm.

Althought this is my favourite lens right now, I need to mention, that this lens not going to fully cover your eye color, just only a thin part of it.  So next to your pupil your own eye colors will show and blend in the edge with the lens color.

The color is a beautiful green, and in my eyes, that has a not too bright blue colors it blends nicely, and I got a nice sea color, or something like this 😀 These lenses are comfortable, and I can wear it for a whole day, althought with false lashes my eyes really got tired for the end of the day. And I can use it for a year, so of course I will use it for cosplays as many times as I can 😀 I’ve got big Bambi eyes with these beauties 😀

– What is the natural color of your eyes and style: blue, you can see it perfectly in the photos

– What are you favorite contact lenses colors and brands: I don’t really have any favourite, because I always order lenses for cosplays. My favourite right now is this, vassen alice green

– Do you often wear color lenses (which brands?): no, just for cosplays, and I only have 2 pair of lenses right now, so I don’t have any favourite brand

– Where did you find our store (Google, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, friends…): friend : )

– What contact lenses you like on our store (put photos and links):

– Is our website easy to visit / browse: yes, it’s absolutely user friendly

– Is our customer service good / quick: both, I got my order really fast

– Your opinion about lens color: Perfect, it it blends nicely with my eye color.

– Your opinion about lens comfort: I can wear it for a whole day, so it’s pretty comfortable.

– Your opinion about lens enlargement: this lense is very big, and make my eyes much more bigger

– Your overall opinion about the lenses: The only “problem” with this lens, that it’s not covering fully, only a thin part of the eye color. But as I said, it blends with my eye color nicely.

– Your overall opinion about our store:  I like, because I can order lenses cheaply and I got lens case to every lens I order. And they also shipping fast, as I said before.

These were very comfortable contacts, and I had lots of fun wearing them! I recommend these contact lenses for everyone! 🙂 You could find it and a lot more in here:


2012 – best year since I am cosplaying?

This will be my first English blog post, so I hope you will like it. If I can, I will try to write every time I have some inspiration.

So, this post will summarize what I reached  this year, my costumes I created, and everything.

I am cosplaying since 2007 (I created my first costume with my mother. I just sewed some white parts of the costumes myself XD didn’t even know how to use the sewing machine)

To show you, how horrible it was: Bleach – Nemu Kurotsuchi

Since that, I made 3-5 cosplays a year. In 2012 I made 5 new costumes, and finished some props for one of my last year cosplay. So, in order of wearing :

  • Hanato Kobato from Kobato (kimono version)
  • Super Sailor Neptun from Sailor Moon
  • Saber Lily from Fate Unlimited Codes
  • Hildegard von Krone from Soul Calibur IV (2nd costume)
  • Boa Hancock from One Piece (purple war outfit)
  • Fluttershy from My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic (original costume)

I made Kobato’s outfit for the Hungarian qualification for Eurocosplay 2012. I participated at last year’s Hungarian EC-contest as well with my Astharoshe-costume, so it was a big surprise for me that now I managed to qualify : O It was a really big thing for me, and I am really happy that I had the chance (first in my life) to travel to London and spend some days there. It is a really great responsibility to represent a country, so I wanted to do my best. So for half a month, I spent a lot of time on thinking what should I do for it, what should I do for it.. asked a lot of people for advice, etc.

At the end, it was a really easy decision because I just fell in love with the dress that one of my friends, Tazzie showed me. (She was one of our representatives from Hungary last year, and earned 4th place with her Queen Esther costume ^^) So I decided to do Hilde’s 2nd outfit from Soul Calibur IV. The main reason was that I didn’t want any of my props to get broken, or anything like this because of the shipping. Hilde’s sword, scabbard and lance were made out of wood, and durable things, like resin, so they were durable enough to resist any shipping damage ^^

Hilde’s dress was a very time-consuming one because every pattern was hand painted as it was the only method to reach that broket textile style her dress has, and there was no way I could buy a fabric with such pattern. So I made a lot of stencils out of a thin plastic sheet, painted the first layers with them, and used brushes to add the 2nd layer. For the blue parts, I mixed the colors, to reach the proper shade, and I really like how it turned out.

For the weapons, I used wood. Parts of the lance and the sword (it’s grip) was shaped on a turning-lathe. The sword’s cross-guard was a really hard one to do, I made it out of layers of balsa wood. The other parts of the lance and the sword are made out of pine and oak wood. For the decorations I used 3D paint, just like on my dress for the gold patterns.

I think the only thing that I could have made better was the scarf like thing, or I don’t know how to call it, at my waist: it wasn’t long enough when I wore it in London. So when I decided to wear it again, I fixed this mistake, and this way my belt was much more visible than it was the last time : )

I was part of an amazing community with the other qualifiers from the Eurocosplay competititon, I also helped to make pictures of the contestants with their qualified costumes to share it on facebook. You can see these at my facebook page, here.

In 2012 only two of my costumes got a nice photo shoot, so I want to arrange a photoshoot for my other 2012 projects next year. I am really happy how my Kobato and our Sailor Moon photoshoots turned out, and can’t thank enough for our photographer, Andras Piroska for them ^^

I was part of three cosplay groups this year, these were the easier costumes. Sailor Neptune and Boa Hancock was really old plans of mine, so I am really happy that this year I managed to finish both of them. And also, One Piece is my all time favourite manga, and Boa Hancock is the best female character from it, I really like how crazy she is, and how she is in love with Luffy. She is cute and a really annoying character, but somehow.. I like her ^^ And we have a little bit random group of One Piece cosplayers at a convention, so I finished my sister’s cosplay too. She was a really sexy Jewellery Bonney : ) And for the first time, I could cosplay with the BEEEEST Hungarian One Piece cosplayer, Dudus ^^ She is so awesome, and has a really nice personality, and I can’t wait to cosplay again from One Piece with these guys. It’s a lot of fun ^^ We need to have a photoshoot with my Luffy, Crystalshark too, because she was so funny, that I couldn’t get any decent picture with her XD I was looking really bad in every picture, because she was so in character ^^” Couldn’t resist to laugh

We had another funny group from My Little Pony. It was a MUST, because there are 6 of us with my cosplayer friends, and there are 6 main characters in the series… And of course it was not such a hard thing to cast the roles (okay, we had some minor problems :D). Cassidy made all of our pony ears that we attached to our headbands, and with Enji, we made our pega wings together. The ears are made of polymer clay, the wing are of plush fabric, sponge and a little bit of wire. I had only 5 nights to sew my dress for it, and I am really happy of the outcome, although there are a few things I want to make for it in the future. Hope this design fits Fluttershy well, she is my favourite pony, she is so cuuute ^^ Tazzie styled my wig for this costume, and it came out so well I think. ^^

I think I made most of my props this year, too. So I took some photo of these things and of my costumes as well. The main problem with so many props is that I am living in a flat with my boyfriend, and I don’t really have enough space to pack. : S And of course I don’t have money to buy new cupboards. : S I really need to figure something out.

Next year, I will have easier projects (maybe XD). I am planning to do two difficult, more time-consuming projects, and if everything goes well, they will be group projects also. And there will be three other costumes, too. These are easier and created for groups also. : )

So, after all this nonsense, I just want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! ^^

Many thanks for the correction of this blog post for Alex Rouge! Thanks for the photos to: Andras Piroska,Gergely Piroska, Gusztav Vida, Gabor Solymossy and Tamás Jakab!