Vassen Alice Dreamy Natural Green Contact Lenses review – from

Firstly, there is a lens giveaway, in, that if you share this link, you can get a free pair of lens! So don’t let the chance get away!

A new post, about one of my contact lenses. This was my 4th contact lens, my eyes are perfect, so I don’t need to use any lenses or glasses. I used these circle lenses just for making my eyes look bigger, and have different colors for my cosplays. Fortunatly, since my first lens I only have good opinion about circle lenses. My first lens was a crazy yellow color, and it always slipped in my eyes, and I felt like  a cameleon O.o

I try to illustrate as best as I can how this lense look with my photos. We took all the photos with flash. I wore my Fluttershy cosplay for these test photos, because this lens suits her very well I think : )

Unfortunatly I don’t have photos of the received lenses in the glass, but I can only praise, they shipped it very fast and well packaged. I think I’ve got it in a week or 1 and half week? I don’t know, but it was rarely fast I think. (nowadays if I order a wig from ebay, mostly I got it in 1 and half month!)

This lens has a big diameter, and my biggest lens right now : ) I really like the size, it has a diameter of 15,0 mm.

Althought this is my favourite lens right now, I need to mention, that this lens not going to fully cover your eye color, just only a thin part of it.  So next to your pupil your own eye colors will show and blend in the edge with the lens color.

The color is a beautiful green, and in my eyes, that has a not too bright blue colors it blends nicely, and I got a nice sea color, or something like this 😀 These lenses are comfortable, and I can wear it for a whole day, althought with false lashes my eyes really got tired for the end of the day. And I can use it for a year, so of course I will use it for cosplays as many times as I can 😀 I’ve got big Bambi eyes with these beauties 😀

– What is the natural color of your eyes and style: blue, you can see it perfectly in the photos

– What are you favorite contact lenses colors and brands: I don’t really have any favourite, because I always order lenses for cosplays. My favourite right now is this, vassen alice green

– Do you often wear color lenses (which brands?): no, just for cosplays, and I only have 2 pair of lenses right now, so I don’t have any favourite brand

– Where did you find our store (Google, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, friends…): friend : )

– What contact lenses you like on our store (put photos and links):

– Is our website easy to visit / browse: yes, it’s absolutely user friendly

– Is our customer service good / quick: both, I got my order really fast

– Your opinion about lens color: Perfect, it it blends nicely with my eye color.

– Your opinion about lens comfort: I can wear it for a whole day, so it’s pretty comfortable.

– Your opinion about lens enlargement: this lense is very big, and make my eyes much more bigger

– Your overall opinion about the lenses: The only “problem” with this lens, that it’s not covering fully, only a thin part of the eye color. But as I said, it blends with my eye color nicely.

– Your overall opinion about our store:  I like, because I can order lenses cheaply and I got lens case to every lens I order. And they also shipping fast, as I said before.

These were very comfortable contacts, and I had lots of fun wearing them! I recommend these contact lenses for everyone! 🙂 You could find it and a lot more in here: